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2017/12 2017/12

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Jelly Roll Morton In a year that’s been replete with jazz anniversaries and talk of the birth of jazz, Lin Bensley looks back on the man who claimed to have started the whole thing

Profiles: Tom Millar says that among the arts music “more often than not stands alone, without the listener having to give it extra meaning”; yet his music, like that of Paolo Fresu and Kathryn Williams, is rich in exterior references

Robben Ford He calls himself a blues guitarist but Robben Ford has lived on the intersection between blues and jazz for most of his career, as David West hears

Gary Husband The Yorkshire-born drum and keyboard maestro tells Mark Youll about his new solo piano interpretations of John McLaughlin

Book & DVD Reviews Books: Echoes From Then: Glimpses Of John McLaughlin 1959-75. DVDs: Low Down (Joe Albany) // Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus

Club life Simon Adams finds out what makes the perfect jazz club

Lena Horne Leon Nock reminds us that a century on Lena Horne belongs firmly in the jazz pantheon

Record reviews We review 79 albums of new and reissued jazz.
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