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2018/07 2018/07

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Bob Dorough Singer, composer and pianist Bob Dorough, recipient of the not entirely accurate epithet ‘the only singer who ever recorded with Miles Davis’, talked to Lisa Koenig in 2014

Profiles Saxophonist Leo Richardson, son of Jim and square in the hard bop tradition; Beverley Beirne, singer who’s fully rehabilitated 80s pop for the jazz world; Mark Guiliana, drummer of ‘jaw-dropping versatility’

Courtney Pine Bruce Lindsay hears how after years on the bass clarinet, Courtney Pine has been drawn back to the tenor

Alexander von Schlippenbach Brian Morton sees the patrician German pianist closing the gap between free improvisation and swing

Label dossier #11: Arbors Jazz Journal spoke to Arbors co-founder Rachel Domber, who along with husband Mat set up the imprint in 1989

Book Reviews This Is Hip: The Life Of Mark Murphy // Mosaics: The Life And Works Of Graham Collier // Kerouac On Record: A Literary Soundtrack

Monk Montgomery John Marley traces the elder Montgomery’s rather remarkable career trajectory, which included not taking up bass until 28 years of age

Record reviews We review XX albums of new and reissued jazz.
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